Itinerant Vendor Permit

Itinerant Vendor Permit

As per Town of Red River Ordinance 2003-01, Itinerant Vendor means any person, including a natural person, firm, corporation, partnership or association, who engages in the sale of goods, wares, merchandise or services within the Town on a transient or temporary basis. 

For reasons of traffic safety, difficulty of regulation and aesthetics, transient and itinerant vending is prohibited in the Town of Red River except during a special event.

To obtain a license, a vendor shall file in the Office of Economic Development and Tourism, a verified application with the following information:
  • Name and address of applicant
  • Name of business
  • NM State Taxpayer Identification Number & CRS Compliance Letter
  • Dates of Operation
  • Name and location where business is to be located
  • Description of type of vending business
  • Written permission to use the property must accompany application
  • Express permission for the Town Administrator, Police or Safety Personnel to conduct investigations of the vending premises.

Town of Red River

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